Chamotte Powder

Sarmad Shamim Chamotte Powder

Sarmad Shamim Sepahan Co has many year producing experience in refractory product. With great experience’s in this field ready to offer Chamotte Powder(Chamotte Flour, Chamotte Sand, Fire Clay) with your chemical specification request.  Our Company ready to supervise on a various refractory’s production materials,process control,quality supervision and package delivery,and ensure the products are 100% qualified.


Brief introduction of castable chamotte sand

Chamotte powder can be divided into shaped refractory products (Such as: Refractory brick ,Fire clay brick,High alumina brick, Heat insulation brick,Ceramic fiber products ect) and unshaped refractory materials(Such as:Refractory castable, Plastic refractory, High temperature refractory mortar ect), Widely used in metallurgy, petroleum, chemical industry, Cement, Glass, Casting,carbon,building materials, machinery processing, military, etc.

Features of castable chamotte sand

-High aluminum content, low iron content, low hardness, low CTE, and so on.

-Higher fire resistance and better thermochemical property.

-Higher thermos ability and strength

-The castings are easy to unshell, no deformation and contraction scale, and of higher fineness, higher rate of acceptability and so on.

Applications of castable chamotte sand

  1. (1). Molding materials for investment casting, gypsum stuffing, V-type molding and vacuum suction casting, etc.
  2. (2). Refractory materials for large, middle and small steel castings, copper castings and furnace/kiln liners.
  3. (3). Making sodium silicate, refractory products, concrete materials, etc.
  4. (4). Applied in machineries Industrial , aerospace, weapons manufacturing, metallurgy, chemical engineering, petroleum, thermal insulation, sintering, building, and so on.
  5. (5). to be used in complicated precision casting of carbon steel, SS and refractory steels.
Customized specification is accepted


Chamotte Powder

Chamotte Powder(Chamotte Flour, Chamotte Sand, Fire Clay)