Chromite Brick


These are made by firing at 1500 to 1700oC crushed chromite (FeO.Cr2O3) mixed with a little clay as binding material.


  1. Chromite bricks are neutral in character.
  2. They posses high density, resistance to acidic and basic slags and moderate resistance to spalling.
  • They can be used up to 1800oC without load and 1430oC with load.
  1. They posses high crushing strength.
  2. They have moderate thermal conductivity


  • Their most important use is in separating acid and basic refractory linings so as to prevent their interaction even at high temperature, for example between acid roofs of basic open hearth furnaces and the basic bricks of side walls.
  • Their application is in bottom of soaking pits, Sodium Carbonate recovery furnaces etc.