Graphite Powder

Graphite Powder

Graphite powder

We are providing high quality Graphite Powder “GRAPHITE GRANULES-CARBORISER” and natural graphite Flakes to our value clients. Are you interested in the wholesale graphite powder? If yes then you stand at the right place. This product is manufactured with superior grade raw material in accordance with the clients’ exact specifications. We tested this product on varied parameters under the supervision of our diligent quality auditors. Therefore, our product completely withstand the international quality standards and prove to be suitable for varied industrial applications. High purity graphite can be made on the nuclear reactor neutron moderator. Our high quality flake graphite and powder can be used as an engineering material in almost all industries.It can be used as high-quality refractory material or coatings in metallurgical industry.



2.25 g/cm 3,  hardness: 1.5, melting point: 3652 ℃, boiling point:4827 ℃.

Properties and characteristics

 – Black-gray in color.
– Very light in weight.
– Soft and highly refractory.
– Excellent thermal stability with a melting point of 3650 °C.
– Chemically inert.
– Low coefficient of friction: it is self-lubricating.
– High electrical conductivity: highest among all non-metals.
– High thermal conductivity: comparable with copper and silver.
– Low thermal expansion.



Mainly used in Metallurgy Industry as Recarburizer, Ductile Iron Foundry, Reducer, foundry modifier, fireproof, antifriction agent and lubrication materials, production of crucible, electrodes, batteries and full cell, pencil lead., Refractory, coatings, plastics and rubber additive, graphite foil, carbon brushes, paint, pencil, ,etc.


     –Precisely processed

   Negligible moisture content

    -Free from impurities


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Graphite Powder (Graphite Sand)      Graphite Powder