Mission and Vision

Mission And Vision

Having great capacity in knowledge and performance to reach his lofty ambitions, the company is going to export 70000 MT monthly on his gradual headway.

One of the prominent features of this company is the direct supervision of the personnel and representatives over the whole process of the loading operation from the very beginning of our factory to the very end of the shipment.


Hence, the company is going to adopt a policy of Door-To-Door exporting and reaching so the following plans have been discerned:


  • Landing Transportation: establishing strong connections with decent land transportation contractors has guaranteed direct and relentless transportation of the cargoes from the Mine/Factory to Bandar Abbas and Bandar Imam Khomeini.


  • Operational departments in the ports: intending a precise plan for cooperating with expert contractors for the operation procedure, we are going to do the shipment of the cargo from Mine/Factory to the ships instantly.


  • Vessel Chartering: having good connections with shipping departments, the company can also charter vessels based on an agreement with the clients.

We further intend to broaden the scope of our raw material and our business deal connection broadly to the optimum company’s ambitions.