Steel Slag Recycling

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Steel Slag Recycling


One of the main major Sarmad Shamim’s services is recycling industrial waste and return it to the production cycle. Our Company has establish a strong image in terms recovering metal from Slag Pit-Steel Furnace in domestic market. Sarmad Shamim’s operating experience stretches back over 15 years, when we first stated to offer a metal recovery service from slag to Iran’s Steel Producers. Also our company is a member Waste Management Organization and Association of Iranian Recycling Industries.


First, before our company signing a metal recovery contract with Iranian Steel Manufacturers, our expertise will take a sample of the slag material and analyze it, to evaluate the potential metal recovery rate and properties of the slag for reuse. After approval from expertise, the goods are shipped into our processing site.At the site our experienced workers start to work on it and make it into small pieces with restrained safety and environmental standards.


Significantly, Slag processors may handle a variety of materials such as steel slag, ladle slag, pit slag, and used refractory material to recover steel metallics.All of these materials well separated and reuse back into the different Sarmad Shamims’ warehouses.


Physical Properties

Steel slag aggregates are highly angular in shape and have rough surface texture. They have high bulk specific gravity and moderate water absorption (less than 3 percent). Table below shows typical physical properties of steel slag.


Typical physical properties of steel slag.


Specific Gravity
         3.2 - 3.6
Unit Weight, kg/m3 (lb/ft3)
         1600 - 1920 (100 - 120)
         up to 3%


Chemical Properties

Table below shows chemical compounds of steel slag .Virtually all steel slags fall within these chemical ranges but not all steel slags are suitable as aggregates. Of more importance is the mineralogical form of the slag, which is highly dependent on the rate of slag cooling in the steel-making process.


Typical steel slag chemical composition.  


     Composition (%)
          40 - 52
          10 - 19
          10 - 40 (70 - 80% FeO, 20 - 30% Fe2O3)
          5 - 8
          5 - 10
          1 - 3
          0.5 - 1
          < 0.1
Metallic Fe
          0.5 - 10


 The Major of Steel Slag Services

  • - Analyze the slag material with expertise to evaluate the potential metal recovery rate.
  • - Sarmad Shamim provides Slag transportation, crushing and screening on the site.
  • - Metal recovery, whereby the recovered steel scrap is screened into different size fractions and returned to the steelmaker.
  • - Sale of the by-products into local markets for a variety of applications.


Primary characteristics and applications of iron and steel slag



When carrying out our recycling activities we ensure that we fulfill the strictest environmental standards. We also take numerous additional steps to minimize the dust content in the emissions. The environment also benefits from the recycling process, as the artificial mineral fibres are used as an aggregate in the place of natural products.