We at SARMAD SHAMIM SEPAHAN Co, believe in long term business association with our customers and consider us a part of the customers organization as we pay attention to all minute details of our customer’s requirements. All our products are made under stringent quality control processes. We have entrenched our position in the market as one of the leading exporters and suppliers.

The Main Sarmad Shamim Commercial’s Products are;


 2-Industrial Sludge

 3-Refactories Brick

              1-High Alumina Brick

                               1-Alumina Magnesia Carbon Bricks
              2-Magnesia Brick

                          1-Magnesia Chrome Bricks

                          2-Magnesia Carbon Bricks
              3-Corundum Bricks

              4-Spinel Brick

                    1-Alumina Spinel Bricks

              5- Sillimanite Brick

              6-Chamotte Brick

              7-Chromite Brick


    4-Cast Iron



    7-IRON ORE

    8-Calcium Aluminate

Sarmad Shamim Sepahan with 25 years in domestic markets and locals’ Industries has become a trusted name and reliable supplier .